Joseph Audia OD
Our Services:
ForeSEE PHP Field Analysis (new test for macular degeneration)
Eye Exams
Contact Lenses
Safety Eye Glasses
Diabetic Eye Care
Pre & Post Op Cataract & Refractive Surgery Care
Visual Field Analysis
Ocular Photography & Ultrasonography
Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy (new test for glaucoma)
Treatment of Glaucoma, ocular allergies, other eye diseases and eye injuries
24-Hour Emergency Care (available from our Salem Office)

Harrisville Office:
1403 East Pearl Street
Harrisville, WV 26362
Phone: 304-643-2117

Business Hours: Monday 9 am-4 pm, Tuesday 9 am-4 pm **, Wednesday 9 am-6 pm, Thursday 9 am-4 pm ** , Friday 9 am-4 pm

Salem Office:
59 Water Street
Salem, WV 26426
Phone: 304-782-1005

Business Hours: Monday 9 am-5 pm,Tuesday 9 am-7 pm, Wednesday 9 am-5 pm, Thursday 9 am-5 pm, Friday 9 am-5 pm, Saturday 9 am 1 pm

E-Mail Directory:
Dr. Audia: DRJAUDIA@aol.com
Dr. Wickline: DRMWICLKINE@yahoo.com
Harrisville Staff: Eyecareteam@hotmail.com
Salem Staff: Eyecareteam@aol.com

** Office open but no planned patient care